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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lord Rama not a Homo Sapien!

Before I could recover from the hang-over of writing the post Aryan Invasion: History or Politics? about politizising history, this one caught my eye. First an intro, excerpts from an article from
NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri Lanka - Space images taken by NASA reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge's age is also almost equivalent. This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in treta yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago).
Now let me take you to this superb article The Hoax Of The NASA Bridge by Prabir Purkayastha.
THE recent story of NASA discovering a “mysterious 1.75 million year ancient bridge”... was initially propagated by Vaishnava News Network an ISKON web site and was promptly hailed as a scientific proof of Ramayana by Hindutva internet sites. Not much notice would have been taken of such claims... if PTI and television channels had not picked up the story.

...we need to delve into the mindset of the Hindu fundamentalists... This mindset believes that there is a deep-seated “western” conspiracy to deny Hindus the rightful place as the most ancient civilisation. The "proof" of this conspiracy is that there are a few “western” men – David Frawley (initiated name Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) and Michel Cremo (initiated name Drutakarma Dasa) -- who are themselves saying that there is a “western” conspiracy to deny Hindus their rightful place.

Frawley, who by his own admission is close to VHP and has met with the senior RSS leaders gets all the RSS luminaries in attendance when he visits and “lectures” here. ... David Frawley runs an Institute called American Institute of Vedic Studies and provides astrological consultations and runs correspondence courses on astrology. Similarly, Michael Cremo... has met with Murli Manohar Joshi to discuss the Drwarka marine archaeology attempt to date an alleged sunken ancient city off the Gujarat coast. This is in spite of having no expertise in archaeology of any variety.

The problem with the age of the yugas is that it then suggests that human beings were around from Sat Yuga and therefore for millions of years. Yet the fossil record is very clear. The Homo sapiens have been around for about 150,000 to 180,000 years. Homo erectus emigrated out of Africa about 750,000 years back and even the hand axe had not been discovered 1.7 million years ago, the supposed time of occurrence of Ramayana.

The need of fundamentalists all over the world is similar: all of them find evolution supported by the fossil record runs counter to what is written in the scriptures. In the case of the Christian fundamentalists, the age of all living beings cannot be older than 6,000 years and of course God created the first man and woman. The Muslim fundamentalists also support the Adam and Eve myth and therefore deny evolution.

The creationists in the USA have been trying for the last hundred years to stop the teaching of evolution in schools...It is the same debate that is now reaching India. Just as the fundamentalists there tried to get various parts of scriptures enter the schools, the fundamentalists here have attacked the school curriculum. The Ramayana epic and its historicity is obviously a major issue. After the Ramjanmabhoomi “movement”, it is necessary to focus Ramayana as more than just an epic, which may or may not have historical basis. The method here is also similar: the Ramajanmabhoomi – as per the VHP – is a matter of faith and not of proof. Similarly, the chronology of Ramayana must also be a matter of faith. If science is an obstacle to such claims, then science must be demolished. And if it can be done using science itself, then so much the better.

The scientific community in India is not aware of the kind of attack that the Hindu fundamentalists are planning on the entire educational system. The current changes in the NCERT textbooks are only symptomatic of this mindset. The aim here is to subvert the method of science and substitute instead with belief in myth and prejudice. It is this mindset that proclaimed that sun revolved around the earth and punished Galileo. It is the same mindset that suggests that the scriptures must be correct and science wrong if human beings as we know them today have arisen only 150,000 -180,000 years back. And it is the same belief in scriptures that leads a Giriraj Kishore to claim that the life of a cow is much more important than the life of five dalits. And unless the scientists are willing to join the fight against this distortion of education, and knowledge we are likely to lose the battle for a better future.
NASA has distanced itself from such claims:
"The images [...] may be ours, but their interpretation is certainly not ours. [...] Remote sensing images or photographs from orbit cannot provide direct information about the origin or age of a chain of islands, and certainly cannot determine whether humans were involved in producing any of the patterns seen."
Are we moving towards a world full of misinterpreted history and science?


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must keep your Knowledge to your self....I think it is because Hindus like you take pride in making fun of their own religion, we suffered rule by British and Mughals

At 4:37 PM, Blogger sJ said...

Kindly never keep ur knowledge to yourself.Always share it in the right spirit.We suffered British and Mughals because of the lack of sharing sir.

At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other tahn blindly accusing the "Hindu's" as fundamentalists, you have provided no proof or logical argument against the possibility of humans [not necessarily sapiens or neindertalians that we know today] existing a few million years ago.

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hidus do anything it is called Fudamentalism, If you are criticising Hiduism, I assume you don't understand what Hinduism is. Rather being proud of our history, we are ourselves criticising it. Have you ever read the NCERT history books, nowhere they claim we were ever the leaders of this world.

Everywhere the books written by so called secular educationists, teach us that we were always "GULAM" whether it was Moguls,Muslims or Britishers. Reading so much of stupid books we have forgtten the identity we had.

Please don't follow the leftists blindly, go through your own conscience. Don't you think we are producing a class of slaves by teaching them such history which always proves to us that we were SLAVES.

People like you are maligning INDIA's own glory. Hindu's are burnt alive in a train, no one cries, but if a Muslim dies, a lot of hue and cry is made.

Grow up man..If you think yourself a true Hindu, first understand the meaning of Hindu....what Hindu means....


At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your analysis is remarkable. it can certaibly be appreciated till an older fossil is not found. THis is the problem with science, they can anytime comeup with new evidences. so if can not accept bridge story, i can not reject it as well.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger akash said...

Dear Suresh
Your article was nice and I really appreciate if your efforts.I do differ in the opinions and suggestions mentioned in your article though. Please read the book Forbidden Archeology: The Full Unabridged Edition (Hardcover)
by Michael A. Cremo (Author), Richard L. Thompson. This is a very recent book and has created great controvorsies and ripples in the scientific community. The sweeping statements like 'hand axe was discovered not before 1.7 million years ago'-as if you had actaully seen it happening, shows some sort of prejudice and biasing from your side. What is needed is a scientific and retional undersatnding. To quote from the book 'the authors conclude their compelling case that double standards, prejudice, and buried evidence have led the scientific establishment to a completely flawed view of human origins'

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody knows the age of mankind .It's only a guestimate.But we are more emotional people than going in to the facts.We have more time to go to find exactly what has happened.May be another million years.

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Sanker said...

in hinduism "evolution theory "is stated in another way.LOrd Vishnu's dashavatharam,starting from "matsya"to "kalki"
MATSHYA MEANS an animal leaving in the water,the first life on earth was in water that is science,
Koorma-tortoise,amphibian,life is coming to the land
Varaha-a complete mammal.
narasimha-half man and half animal(the evolution of man)
vamana-the dwarf man
parashurama-Man with the Hand axe(tool were invented)

before the evolution theory ,hinduism had said about this,so there is a science in this beliefs,and this science will be rejected for some time like in the case of heliocentric theory,and one day will come at last,the day of recogonition of truth,

wait for that day,but may be that day will be the end of the days

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Rakesh Singh - राकेश सिंह said...

With the advancement of technology, Darwin's theory of evolution seems to be faulty. There are many fossils and foot prints available which are millions of years old. Want to check read "Forbidden Archaeology".

I know you may not accept the truth b'z your thought just against the truth and not to accept or discuss the alternate thought.

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanker is absolutely right. Westerns have always tried to deny us, because they know we have surpassed them in all aspects. Their only talent is publicize whatever they do. Hindus have been the first ones who started talking, reading and writing. How do you think Ramayan reached us people today?
There are some scientists in India who can prove that Ramayan is not a myth, because they computed the exact time of whatever happened in lord Rama's life by Valmiki's Ramayan where Valmiki has mentioned where the stars where when Ram was born and the time when he went to the jungle... also lunar eclipses. All this info is free and can be gathered from anywhere.

God or no God there was someone named Ram who was powerful, who had the power to destroy worlds with his arrows.

As for NASA, I know Americans, I work for a call center, I know how dumb they are, but they sure do have one quality, they are stubborn and will not give their ground.

Let me just give you some info which you may not find on the internet. I am sure you have heard of Godhbharie ( where people gather to celebrate a pregnant woman's happiness who is about to deliver in two or three months time). In this Godhbharie the pregant woman is gifted with bangles made of glass. Let me tell you the reason of why this is done. The child inside his/her mother's womb can hear such sounds, so everytime the child's mother shakes or moves her hands the child will hear the bangles clashing. The point here I am trying to explain is that we Indians knew that babies inside their mothers' womb can hear outside voices from the time of Mahabharat where Abhimanyu learns how to break the chkraview being inside his mother's womb when Arjun explains it. So how can someone mock our history and our intelligence. Some time ago I heard in the news that one scientist in a foreign country discovered that babies can hear outside voices, it's absurd we Hindus have figured his 5000 years back.

We were the most richest and the intelligent ones, but we didn't have one quality which other people who started talking, reading, writing in other parts of the world and that is taking credit of what we discovered and invented.

I am proud to be a Hindu.

At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Larisa said...

Today is the day of Lord Rama, this story describes a few million years
back to "Ramayane" great sage and poet Valmiki. Original
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At 10:29 PM, Blogger Nachiketa said...

By hook or crook is Sangh Parivars way. The fabricated horse seal by Rajaram and Co is another such hoaxes.

There is no use in arguing with illiterate people commenting here. Even then let me try. Arey Sanghiyon! you should first learn to differentiate a mythology from history. Myths are made up stories. They are not true. Think how can Ravana have 10 heads? Seriously! He should have 10 necks? Tenth neck will be long like a Giraffe's neck. (Besides there is no archeological evidence for any such creatures, dude ;)). Besides if Ram is a God, why would he need a bridge? He can transport all his fighters using his Godly powers right?

Besides that according to Vedas and Upanishads, Ram or Krishna cannot be a God. God is formless. So Sanghiyom, aap lok naras hone ka koi mamla is par nahi hai. Calm down. Think with a calm mind. Be a good human being, start to see others as fellow human beings(not as hindus and muslims).

May God bless you.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Dhawal said...

Not sure if its right time, but anyways.. leave religion aside + leave any racism aside. I think if we can extract anything from history we should not hesitate to do so, we should keep our minds open it isn't costing us anything and might help everyone knowing something new. If archaeologists never found that there was living thing called dinosaur we would have never know nor believe it.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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